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“I swear by chiropractic care and the health benefits associated with it. I started bringing my child with me (at the age of 5) to visit Dr. Heidi, and I truly believe it helps her stay healthy throughout the year. She rarely gets sick, even when around other children that are. I’ve had some back problems over the years, and the physical therapy wasn’t helping. After visiting with Dr. Heidi and letting her try a few techniques, I finally had relief for the first time in almost a year. The staff at Boehm Family Chiropractic is so friendly and they make your visit very comfortable. I highly recommend trying chiropractic if you haven’t. Dr. Heidi and Dr. Kim are both amazing doctors!”

– Sarah S., Manistee

“I have been going to chiropractic well since way before my first adjustment. My mother would take me with her to her appointments with Dr. Fritz Boehm when I was really young. It helped me get use to what it was like to have an adjustment and pretty soon I was getting my own. Through the years I went about once a week for an adjustment which really helped me since I’m a server and I carry heavy trays. I alway seem to manage to throw my back out, hips and neck. Sometimes I would get really bad migraines when my neck was out and getting an adjustment was the only thing that would help to relieve it. Now days, I also get adjusted by Kim Anderson and Heidi Boehm and both of them do an amazing job also!”

– Amanda T., Manistee

“To anyone who questions chiropractic practices (my children’s pediatrician who I love & respect highly is one.) I was very apprehensive about using them for kids. Until one day my oldest kept complaining of shoulder pain. I made her an appointment with Dr Heidi Boehm Ware. This was her first time & she sounded like a bowl of rice crispies. When we were done we walked out and Emma looked at me and said point blank “mom, I feel like I can breath”. It was literally like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. Needless to say, taking my kids to see Dr. Heidi became regular. My youngest who is a dancer it is a must to see her. This last year just two weeks before their big program she injured her ankle playing tennis. It was injured enough it required a trip to the ER. Well 2 hours later and many x-rays we walked out with a splint, wrap & crutches. She was told she would more than likely not be dancing in the recital. On our way home we stopped to talk to the dance instructors to let them know the news. Dr Heidi happened to be there. She mentioned she actually had some things to do that could promote healing. I’m thinking to myself right. This isn’t a back problem what is she going to do? Also, what miracle is she going to perform that modern medicine can’t offer. Well, at that point I figured it can’t hurt. I had a very upset dancer on my hands and one that was determined she would dance. After visiting Dr Heidi regularly for the next week or so I was impressed with all the tricks she had up her sleeves. I was even more impressed with the fast results I was seeing. After a week on crutches, being wrapped and visits with Dr Heidi, Abby started gradual weight bearing. By the time of the recital, she was determined she was going to dance. We all agreed that she could, but no point shoes and if she needed to set out occasionally she could. Well with her determination & Dr Heidi she not only danced every dance, the stinker danced on her point shoes. I know this is a long story, but I cannot express enough my gratitude to Dr Heidi & her staff for helping make both my girls feel better.”

- Kerri M.,  Manistee

“Occasionally during school sporting seasons, my 14-year-old daughter suffers from lower back and hip pain. This is what brought us to Boehm Family Chiropractic. She has seen both Dr. Heidi and Dr. Kim and has always been happy with the results and being pain free. They also take the time to talk to me, after her adjustment, so I understand what’s going on. The office gals are always very helpful in getting her in as soon as possible and at a time that will work the best for our schedules. I would definitely recommend Boehm Chiropractic.”

- Janelle A.,  Manistee

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