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Products Available

At Boehm Family Chiropractic, we carry and recommend only the best quality products to help you achieve a your healthy lifestyle goals. We believe in these brands and products, and use most of them ourselves!


Professional strength pain-relieving gel. 

Supportive device to help improve posture, focusing on stretching,

strengthening and stabilizing.

Posture Medic


A device that uses foam balls to apply compression and myofascial trigger point release pressure. Great for tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, foot problems, tight ITB and shoulder problems.

Lumbar Supports

Lumbar supports and other bracing devices available. Consult with us on the best product for you.

Therapeutic Pillows

Sizes vary. Keeps your neck in proper alignment for back and side sleeping.

Vitamins & Supplements

Multiple varieties and brands of vitamins and supplements to help with joint health, swelling, tennis and overall good health.

All products are subject to availability. We apologize, but at this time we do not sell products online.

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